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Healthy Relationship with the Natural World

As a company that specializes in tree care, landscaping, and overall plant healthcare, we at Bradley Tree, take pride in what we have done for 40 years. We take a holistic approach to everything we do, from new plantings to tree removal and everything in between. Care must be taken for the whole ecosystem when a decision is made concerning trees and the surrounding plants, because they have a great effect on one another and humans. Maintaining a healthy relationship with our local ecosystems influences a much grander scale than we recognize in restoring biodiversity and maintaining a healthy beautiful landscape.

What Comes Next

Within this space, our blog, we will discuss a variety of topics about and around trees. From the origins of Arbor day, to the liabilities of homeowners who have trees on their property. We will take a more zoomed in look at topics that you may not have taken much time to think about, that have an impact on everyday life.

Support Your Local Ecosystem

At Bradley Tree, we believe that healthy trees and plants have a positive impact on communities and ecosystems, and it is our job to preserve the plants that do so much for us. The simple act of planting a tree has echoes throughout its surroundings. One tree can absorb as much as 48 pounds of carbon pollution in one year, and up to one ton of carbon in a 40 year span. That same tree can shade an area; regulating the temperature so that different species of plants, animals, and insects can find a more temperate climate. 

The Old Giants Among Us

Photo- New York Times Magazine

Within Buffalo NY and the WNY area there are approximately 100 tree species that are natively grown and cultivated. 200 years ago, the WNY area resembled more of a forest than a bustling city running on commerce, culture, and community. Many of us don’t take notice of the variety of trees and plants in the area, but there is opportunity to do so, and you don’t need to be an ISA certified arborist to get to know the trees in your area that may be hundreds of years old. 

Our Tree Care Philosophy

Bradley Tree has the distinguished honor of caring for the oldest oak in Western New York located in Delaware Park in Buffalo NY.

Large white oak tree with wide branches in a clearing in summer time with blue skies in the background.

Photo-Buffalo Rising

Our family has, for generations, taken care of this tree and many others like it knowing that it is our duty to preserve what has come before us and will be here long after us. Taking care of trees, whether it is removing dead, dangerous, or dying trees, taking steps to help trees with illnesses, or planting new ones, is built on the idea that we are doing something not just for ourselves, but for our posterity. The generations to come can rest under the trees we plant 100 years from now, if we all choose to preserve it. If you have questions about caring for the trees and plants on your property, need help managing or removing trees, Bradley Tree can help. Give us a call today, or leave your information here and we will contact you to see how we can help.

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