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            Bradley Tree is a full-service tree and landscaping company specializing in tree and plant healthcare in Buffalo NY with over 40 years in the tree care business. Plant healthcare is not simply planting plants and trees, it is the holistic approach to plants from seed germination all the way through the life of the plant. There are many forms of plant healthcare with different focuses, however they all source from the ideology that plants are the structure for all of earth’s ecosystems, and maintaining a healthy relationship with trees and plants will result in greater beauty, biodiversity, and health of all living things within each ecosystem.

Though trees are the largest plants we take notice of, plant healthcare involves much more than trees. For a tree that has a 6-inch diameter, the root system can extend 20 feet in any direction. This means the health of the soil, grass, shrubs, and bedding plants are all integral parts of the plant healthcare for the landscape, not just the tree.

Tending to History

Much of what we focus on at Bradley Tree is growing, aiding, and maintaining trees and plants in the greater Western New York area—serving Buffalo NY and the surrounding areas. Our decades of experience have given us the honor of caring for some of the oldest trees in the area, including Olmstead Park’s oldest oak tree.

Bradley Tree’s arborists have the training and expertise to detect issues, treat illnesses, diagnose underlying causes for concern, and develop a plan to get your landscape on the right track. If you would like to learn more about caring for the trees and plant life on your landscape, Bradley Tree is your plant healthcare resource of Buffalo NY.

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