Tree Pruning

Bradley Tree, located in Buffalo NY, is a tree pruning company with exceptional service and customer satisfaction.  Tree pruning is a service, which requires skill, expertise, and the tools to complete it. Bradley Tree has these qualities, which makes it the best choice for your needs.  From Buffalo NY, Bradley Tree will be able to provide the highest quality of work, especially in this region.  We pair this knowledge with the most cutting-edge tools and technology available.  For those customers in need of a tree pruning service, Bradley Tree and is the best option for them in the Buffalo NY area.

Why Prune?

The reasons for tree pruning in Buffalo NY extend far past simply the look and cosmetic upkeep of having a tree on your property. Tree pruning helps to promote the absorption of CO2 gases and healthy circulation of oxygen. Tree pruning also helps to promote new growth and plays a big role in the safety of trees in the area.

Generally, trees can be pruned throughout the year, but pruning is different for each type of tree. Different species of trees must be done by professionals and at certain times throughout the year. Tree pruning can be done to promote growth, or maintain the tree’s health leading into a dormancy period. It is important to consult an expert arborist for your tree pruning needs. Pruning, when done by a professional, helps trees prioritize where nutrients are sent, keeping limbs strong and resistant to breakage.

Pruning Results

Tree pruning does many things, some of the more important reasons for pruning lie in what happens after you prune a tree. Most, but not all, trees benefit greatly from seasonal pruning– this allows the tree to develop new shoots and branches, creating a new growth direction and allowing the tree to flower and fruit in season. Pruning allows for each tree, and the surrounding plants below, to attain optimal sunlight to promote healthy growth.

Tree Pruning in Buffalo NY and the WNY area is not something that should be done by just anyone– there are hundreds of different species of trees in Upstate New York, and each tree has a different growing cycle. Only an expert knows the life cycles, periods of dormancy, when to prune, when to fertilize, etc. Do not run the risk of permanently harming or even killing a tree by improperly caring for a tree.

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