Tree Removal

Tree removal is generally a last resort, but at times, it has to be done. Each case is entirely different, but whatever the case may be, Bradley Tree can inform you of all of your options and help you with what comes next. It is important to never attempt removing a tree unless you are a licensed professional.  According to US data, there are over 100 deaths per year related to falling trees and tree removal– leave it to the professionals. 

If you need tree removal services in or around Buffalo NY, you should understand what to expect from a tree removal service company. Most trees are removed due to the risk they pose where they are or the state that they are in. In these cases, a professional should make a risk assessment to determine the risk of falling (or failure) to better decide if removal is necessary. 

The main reasons for tree removal are: 

Dead Trees- Dead trees should be removed immediately, this is especially true if the tree is still standing. Dead trees are a safety hazard to anything within its radius and can cause severe property damage, serious injury and death.

Dying or Diseased Trees- Dying and diseased trees carry with them many of the same risks as dead trees. Dying or diseased trees should be examined by a tree professional and either removed or treated. If diseased trees are not removed or treated properly, whatever is ailing said tree can infect the surrounding tree and plant life, resulting in devastating loss to a plot of land, area, or forest. 

Unsafe or Unstable Trees- Some trees grow in odd directions. Some struggle so much for light and nutrients that they reach all the way over a building or home to grow. Having a living organism that weighs thousands of pounds suspended above your home is not a safe way to live, and that tree could be one breeze away from landing on your house. 

Whatever your tree removal concerns are, the experts at Bradley Tree can help you make the proper, safe decision.

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