Tree Trimming

There is a core difference between tree pruning and tree trimming– pruning is done to promote healthy new growth on a tree by removing unwanted or ill growth, whereas trimming is generally done for cosmetic reasons and to remove dead growth. 

Living in Buffalo NY and the Western New York area, we are no strangers to strong storms– which is why tree trimming in Buffalo NY is necessary in the area to maintain safety in each community, park, and yard. 

A Safer Environment

Having trees overhead that are hundreds of years old makes trimming a matter of safety. Dead or dying limbs and branches pose a huge risk for plants, pets, and people. Preventative tree care not only helps to sustain the life of each tree, but plays a large role in the safety of those that live near each tree. 

There are liabilities to having trees on your property, and if you do have trees, you are responsible for the safety of the trees and everything around and underneath. Bradley Trees can help you maintain a beautiful and safe environment for your trees, surroundings, and neighbors. 

You’re Liable for Your Trees

If you own a property with trees on it, you are responsible for anything that happens in and on the property, which includes felled trees and tree limbs. Depending on where there are trees on the land within your property, there could be areas of liability that should be maintained and trimmed by a professional on a seasonal basis. 

Be Prepared 

Bradley Tree understands tree trimming in Buffalo NY, and what we are up against with all of the sudden changes in the weather. Our expert tree specialists can handle the dangerous work of tree trimming with care of your trees and your property to minimize your liabilities and create a more scenic landscape.

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