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The First Arbor Day

The first Arbor Day in the United States was celebrated in Nebraska on April 10th, 1872, where approximately one million trees were planted, but this is not where the tradition began. In the Spanish village of Mondoñedo, the first arbor plantation festival happened in 1594. The phenomenon has caught on over the years to the point of more than 44 countries have now adapted some form of Arbor Day—planting young trees and seeds and celebrating the ancient ones among us.

A Look Back to 1989

It seems as though 31 years ago people were not worried enough about the environment. This from the New York Times April 29th, 1989–

“It used to be among the minor constellations of observances, its rituals seldom practiced beyond elementary school or state capitols’ lawns. But this year, with deforestation and global warming and the greenhouse effect and drought, planting trees seems more urgent.”

Call Before You Dig!

Just like the gas and electric companies, it is important to call a certified arborist before you start digging to plant or remove a tree. It should be stated, tree removal should NEVER be attempted by anyone but a professional—the consequences can affect everything from water, septic, power, and gas lines, not to mention, it is extremely dangerous.

Before you run off to a nursery to buy a sapling to plant, there are many things to consider. According to ISA certified arborist and owner of Bradley Tree and Landscaping, Jared Webber, “It’s important to know and understand the location of the tree, the objective or goal that the tree owner has in mind for the tree and the overall general characteristics of the tree.”

There are some simple questions you can answer to know where to plant the tree.

  • How tall/wide will it get?
  • Does it produce seeds?
  • When does it blossom?
  • What type of sun/environment does this tree thrive in?

Protect Your Ecosystem

It is important to remember that arboriculture is not simply for the professionals. Arborists in Buffalo NY work extremely hard to preserve and add to the beautiful ecosystems of the area, but it must be a concerted effort by all those that live in a community. If you imagine what each tree will look like decades down the line and the effect it will have on the plant and animal life around it, the tiny sapling being planted then becomes a much grander gesture that will need care, trimming and pruning to keep the microcosm in check.

It is important to consult a certified arborist before making any major planting or removal decisions. As Webber stated in a recent Arbor Day interview, “Trees can live for hundreds of years if properly planted and maintained, but if put in the wrong location they can’t simply pick up and move to a more suitable location.”

If you have questions about planting, removing, trimming, or anything tree related, you can trust the professionals at Bradley Tree and landscaping to have the answers. Give us a call or leave your information here and we will contact you to help you on your Arbor Day adventure!

Consult a pro and have a Happy Arbor Day!

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