Know When to Call an Arborist for Emergency Tree Care and/or Removal

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Learn the signs that indicate immediate action is necessary.

Leaning, damaged or overgrown trees on your Buffalo NY property can pose several risks to yourself, passers-by, visitors, neighbors, and landscape.  You don’t want to be held liable for damages that could have been prevented. Between falls, roof damage, getting tangled in power lines and more, there are several ways a tree left uncared for to cause issues for you. Costly and potentially harmful repairs and injuries could be waiting (or even lawsuits). WNY’s best ISA-certified arborists at Bradley Trees are here to help you with expert tree care before the worst happens. 

Keep Your WNY Landscape Safe with Tree Care

Identifying problem trees is the key to mitigating the damage they can cause. It keeps your Buffalo NY landscaping looking beautiful and staying safe. Here are some signs to look out for so you know when to call!

Abnormal leaning: Any time your tree develops a new lean, especially over power lines or other infrastructure, should be inspected by a trained arborist. We typically look for about a 15% lean from vertical for emergency care.  Leans can be caused by a variety of issues, but the most common source is storm damage. In Buffalo, we tend to get a lot of storms both rain and snow, so when a particularly strong one rolls through, call us asap to assess if any trees need to be taken care of. 

Visibility problems: Trees that have unkept, uneven growth can be potential hazards too. These trees can alter or eliminate clear lines of sight for pedestrians, vehicles and adjacent traffic lights and signs. There’s the potential for trip-and-fall accidents as well as vehicular crashes. Avoid that potential worry and get in touch with us. 

Decaying roots: Decaying roots can be a sign of damage to a tree that requires immediate removal or a heavy dose of plant healthcare. If you see any decay, call a licensed arborist right away! Roots are the support system for your tree, and any damage and/or decay could mean that the tree is falling uncontrollably, especially if it gets hit with a strong wind gust.  

Don’t Wait For Disaster to Happen

Additionally, if your tree roots have fungus growing on them, call an arborist. It doesn’t always mean that those roots are damaged or rotting, but it could. We have the tools and know-how to identify if there is a problem and how to deal with it. Remember, the roots are what’s holding and supporting your tree! 

Trees near power lines: It might surprise you to learn that electricity can jump 10ft, arcing from a power line to a wet tree during a storm. This can and will ground out the power line running into your home or neighborhood, rendering you without electricity. If your trees are close to the power lines, call an arborist to ensure the proper distance is kept. The tree could also catch fire from the arcing power, causing even more damage and devastation. Here’s a quick video of what can happen from just one branch hitting the power lines. Imagine the whole tree.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TRIM, REMOVE OR PRUNE THESE TREES YOURSELF. Our arborists have spent years obtaining the proper safety training to handle these problem trees. 

Emergency Tree Care in Buffalo NY by ISA-Certified Arborists

Hollow Trunk: The inside trunk of a tree may start dying before the outer bark is ready to let go. Trees can still live and function with some hollowing,  but too much would compromise the structural integrity of the tree.  A good general rule to follow is if about a third of it is hollow, it’s time to have the tree removed.

Related to that, trunk damage can also be a sign that a tree needs to be removed. Cracks and crevasses in the trunk or rotting bark can be indications something is seriously wrong with the structure of the tree. 

You want a team of arborists who know how to assess the damage, including any pests or diseases that could be lurking inside the tree. You want your arborists to have the know-how to nurse trees that can be treated with proper plant healthcare to health. Your arborist needs to be able to safely carry out emergency tree care, removal or stump grinding when the tree can’t be saved. You want to get in contact with Bradley Tree and Landscaping.

Contact Us!

Here at Bradley Trees, we believe in taking care of your trees as much as possible and educating you as much as we can. We want to aid your trees before they require emergency care, but we understand things happen. Our licensed arborists in Buffalo NY are the best in the area and are always happy to assist you. Call us today at 716.293.2901 or fill out a contact form to get in touch! Don’t forget to stay tuned to our blog, where we go over things like proper tree care, pruning guidelines, give some advice on what to plant next and more! Like us on Facebook and you can follow along with what our arborists are getting up to.

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